Becoming healthy leaders; Growing healthy ministries;

Promoting healthy families.



To enhance and perfect the internal development of the local Church and thereby extend the influence of Jesus Christ to society and the world.   We mentor and empower church leaders to pursue and live out Godly character, social justice, and Biblical faith that transforms individuals, families, ministries and communities into the likeness of Christ.




The Kingdom Council is under the dynamic visionary leadership of the Right Rev. Dr. David M. Copeland, and a council of duly appointed Elders  He was elected to the Episcopal Office in 1998. He serves as the Senior Pastor of New Creation Christian Fellowship, located in San Antonio, TX. since 1985. 


The Kingdom Council is an interdenominational, intergenerational, gender inclusive non-profit organization. We are committed to mentoring and empowering church leaders and their ministries through ongoing spiritual formation and scholarly growth.   The Kingdom Council seeks to preserve, promote and protect the authentic teachings, testaments and traditions of the historical church, while spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ in contemporary society.



We are committed to Pastors and ministry leaders! We model and promote ministry excellence and innovation.    We explore new methods in ministry without compromising the Biblical/ theological grounding of authentic Christian witness.  In addition, we remain thoughtfully intentional to preserve the spiritual, oral and written theological paradigms that promote the best of the Protestant and Pentecostal worship.



1. Ecclesiastical Covering and Ordination: “A place to call home”

2. Regional Fellowship Opportunities 

3. Annual Leadership Training and Development for Church Staffs

4. Annual Training and Development  for Ministers/Pastors/Bishops

5. Building Foundational Infrastructure to Support Ministry Vision.

6.  Operational Training and Development, for example 

     a.  Pastoral Care

     b.  Strategic Planning

     c.  Stewardship and Finance Planning

7. Resources for Legitimacy

     a. 501c3 Assistance

     b. Bylaws and Constitutions

     c. State Filing Requirements  / Articles of Incorporation