Where Tradition Meets Today's Reality

At a time when denominationalism is often preferred over the Biblical teachings of oneness in the Body of Christ, the church has become an institution that is rejected rather than a gospel that is revered.  It's hard to find a Christ-connection in the Body with so much division. If we are all Believers, then we are all members of one Body with the same DNA.  How can the church share the DNA of the gospel and connect it to today's reality of  life?  The World has found the DNA answer in Ancestory.comMyHeritage.com and 

Findmypast.com. It's time for the church to check its DNA and become All For One!

Executing New Age Evangelism 


The twenty-first century is markedly different from the twentieth, not only because we have terrorism scares, self-driving cars, and Facebook. Church attendance is decreasing, religious Nones are increasing, and the way people view and interact with truth has changed. Methods we’ve used to tell people about Christ become less effective with every passing month. Reality – What got us here won’t take us there!!! Let’s learn how to move forward, approaching evangelism as though we understand the times!








Are you inclusive or exclusive? 

Through what lens does the church view the LBGTQ community while representing Christ?  Does the church view others through a pharisaical, bi-focal lens that is accepting as long as the line that magnifies sin is not crossed?  Or does the church view others through a Christ-like progressive lens that allows us to see others no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation?  How can the church say that we love our neighbors as ourselves, but we do not intentionally or openly embrace those in the LBGTQ community who love Jesus or may not know Him?  Until we see differently, we will not see others differently.