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And for the next 20 years and beyond we are dedicated to becoming healthy leaders, growing healthy ministries, and promoting healthy families.



To Enhance and perfect the internal development of the Church and its external commitment to the community by mentoring and empowering church leaders and their ministries to pursue faith that transforms individuals, families,ministries and communities.


The Kingdom Council is comprised of pastors and ministry leaders who are dedicated to enhance and perfect the internal development of the church, and its external commitment to the community.  These pastors and ministry leaders extend the reach and impact of this organization throughout the United States and internationally.


The Kingdom Council is under the dynamic visionary leadership of the Right Rev. Dr. David M. Copeland.  Bishop Copeland serves as the Senior Pastor of New Creation Christian Fellowship, located in San Antonio, TX. 


The Kingdom Council is an interdenominational non-profit organization established and incorporated for the purpose of mentoring and empowering church leaders and their ministries to pursue faith that will cause the transformation of individuals, families, ministries and communities.  The kingdom Council seeks to preserve, promote and protect the authentic teachings, testaments and traditions of the church in the as it seeks to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ.


We as an organization are committed to the pursuit of modeled excellence as well as innovation in ministry without compromising the Biblical theological grounding of authentic Christian witness.  In addition we seek to remain thoughtfully intentional in preserving the spiritual essence of the oral and written theological paradigms that promote the best of the Protestant and Pentecostal Church!



  • Ecclesiastical Covering

  • Veteran’s Chaplaincy Endorsement

  • TKBF National (Annual)  Convocation  (June)

  • KCICCM Regional Conferences (March and October)

  • Leadership Training & Development

    • Eldership

    • Diaconate

    • Liturgy

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Church Administration

    • Administrative Support and Training

    • Strategic

    • Operational

  • Stewardship Planning –

    • Financial Advisement

    • Assistance in obtaining  501c3




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